Our Manifesto

We believe people’s wellbeing is improved when they have easy access to multiple sources of information, inspiration, knowledge and entertainment, at anytime, no matter where they happen to be in the world, and being able to experience it in all possible ways including contents in TV format.

Low quality, ephemeral or worst, video content made of fake information (which by the way is the most viral), is the one that is frequently finding its way to us. Social media is dictating what we need to watch every day, in the absence of an appealing alternative. We strive to shift the way people think about TV to use it as a medium to re-gain control over what they watch.

We want all people to have access to great TV content (in terms of both quantity and quality), even the ones that can’t pay for it.

It’s our quest to help society move forward in the right direction by unblocking some of the barriers to universal free TV access, fostering an open and democratic global TV ecosystem by untapping new global audiences for both mainstream and independent channels.

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