Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Tchannels?

    Tchannels is a global Internet TV service powered by multiple online channels and streaming platforms; it’s a practical and simple way to watch TV content online at anytime, from anywhere, legally and for free.

  • How is this different than watching Youtube?

    We’ve built a custom system and designed a convenient interface enabling you to watch channels in a friendly TV-like environment, in contrast to on-demand mode. On top of that we maintain a quality lineup of channels and offer custom controls and features greatly enhancing your watching experience.

  • Are the channels broadcasting “Live”?

    Some channels are Live, while some others are Stream-mode, with both modes providing an engaging TV-like experience.

  • What is Stream-mode?

    Stream channels are dynamic playlists, consisting in sequential programs updated automatically or manually; it’s about the same working principle of television.

  • Is there something to install?

    Nothing at all. Just go to and start viewing TV.

  • Is Tchannels an alternative to Netflix?

    It’s not a Netflix substitute; in fact, they complement each other. Tchannels is a collection of linear TV channels, while Netflix is a collection of movies and shows.

  • Is the Free plan really Free? Where’s the catch?

    Yes. Free forever and there’s not catch. The only time you would be required to pay a fee is if you ever decide to unlock optional premium features or upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Are you going to offer a Tchannels App for tablets and smartphones?

    Yes, Android and iOS apps are under development. However, Tchannels works like a charm in mobile devices and even on Smart-TVs. Just open it on any browser.

  • Is Tchannels TV available all around the world?

    Yes, you can access Tchannels from anywhere.

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