Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Tchannels?

    Tchannels is a web video application focused on EDUTAINMENT (Educational Entertainment) and GLOBAL NEWS channels. It’s an entertaining, efficient and simple way to stay well informed and expand your knowledge, from anywhere in the world

  • What are your main benefits?

    1. Enjoy a refreshing new way to catch up with the latest news from around the globe.
    2. Content comes from monitored video/TV channels for its relevancy and quality.
    3. We’re committed to innovate and evolve the ways people discover, experience and interact news and educative content.

  • What is your long-term mission?

    To become the best platform for video channels that explain the world in an entertaining, engaging and didactic way, freely available to everyone, anywhere in the world.

  • Who runs the company?

    We’re a small, privately held and funded company headquartered in New York, run by a multi-talented, and highly resourceful team, geodistributed in diverse countries such as United States, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Chile.

  • Why use the YouTube ecosystem?

    Because it just makes sense: Our platform can integrate with virtually any video hosting/streaming provider out there, but YouTube has by far the largest video infrastructure in the world, and most TV networks and media producers have already built a strong Youtube content strategy, generating a mature and dynamic ecosystem; so it’s a natural fit for us and works very well for our purposes, being a global, open and accessible platform.

  • How can an open universal TV work for the content producers and channels?

    There’s premium productions that need to be supported financially with a paid access, but for the most part TV content is meant to be freely distributed, supported by sponsorships, advertising and further monetization ways.

  • What is your business model?

    We support our endeavour by offering non-essential paid features and optional add-ons like pay-per-view events; we’re also experimenting with creative advertising products that won’t ruin the viewing experience.

  • How is this different than watching Youtube?

    We’ve built a custom system and designed a convenient interface enabling you to watch channels in a TV-like setting, in contrast to on-demand mode. On top of that we maintain a quality lineup of channels and offer custom controls and features greatly enhancing your watching experience.

    Along with maintaining a carefully selected lineup of quality channels and content, we take the classic TV concept of “Zapping”* the next level, featuring a smart ZAP function that is useful, fun and engaging.

  • Are the channels broadcasting “Live”?

    Some channels are Live, while some others are Stream-mode, with both modes providing an engaging TV-like experience.

  • What is Stream mode?

    Stream channels are dynamic playlists, consisting in sequential programs updated automatically or manually; it’s about the same working principle of television.

  • Is there something to install?

    Nothing at all. Just go to tchannels.tv and start viewing TV.

  • Is Tchannels an alternative to Netflix?

    It’s not a Netflix substitute; in fact, they complement each other. Tchannels is a collection of linear TV channels, while Netflix is a collection of movies.

  • Is the Free plan really Free? Where’s the catch?

    Yes. Free forever and there’s not catch. The only time you would be required to pay a fee is if you ever decide to unlock optional premium features or upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Are you going to offer a Tchannels App for tablets and smartphones?

    Yes, Android and iOS apps are under development. However, Tchannels works like a charm in mobile devices and even on Smart-TVs. Just open it on any browser.

  • Is Tchannels TV available all around the world?

    Yes, you can access Tchannels from anywhere.

  • How is Tchannels innovating?

    We built an innovative solution and open platform that leverages the current shifts and dynamics in video content creation and distribution. Under the hood, Tchannels adapts YouTube channels into a functional and friendly TV-like setting. Along with maintaining a carefully selected lineup of quality channels and content, we provide added value around the old TV concept of “Zapping”* and taking it to the next level, featuring a smart ZAP function.

  • What is Zap / Zapping?

    It’s a zero-friction rewarding “surprise-me” command that viewers give to their TVs, providing an insatiable need of lucky entropy.

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